Perhaps this is why I don't paint more! Nick loves to sit on top of my pallette!

Last Week's Painting

I'm trying to set some goals - committing to spending time in the studio every day and completing one  painting every week.  It's so easy to get distracted and by the time I get back to the studio, the pallette has dried and I've lost momentum.  I did the sketch for this painting over 3 years ago - never really liked it but decided to finish it just to get it off the easel - making room to start new things.

A couple of watercolor sketches

Trying to catch the fall colors - so difficult to catch the intense colors and light.

First attempt at snow . . .

Pickle cukes are ready!

The first batch of dill pickles and pickled green beans (Dilly Beans).

Sketching in waiting room at the clinic

Took a friend to a medical appointment – lots of other people waiting provided ample sketching subjects.

Cover for my sketchbook entry into the 2012 Worldwide Sketchbook Project

I have about 4 months to fill this little sketchbook for inclusion in the 2012 Worldwide Sketchbook Project.  My theme is ‘travel with me’ – now I just have to get out on the road.
This is a sketch from an outing with the portland urban sketch group - now that I've finally de-bugged the phone-to-blog connection I'll post more of my plein aire sketches.

Retirement Traveling

At the Canadian border I was asked if the purpose of my visit was business
or pleasure - DOH! The trailer, bike and kayak doesn't give you a clue??
After our wet and cloudy spring, a week in sunny Osoyoos was a welcome
change. Close proximity to the Okanagon's 'Golden Mile' of wineries didn't
hurt either!