First day of 2012 over 60 degrees F!

Enjoying the sun and a latte, and, of course, sketching . . . .

Jack, the yellow lab had a hard time sitting still.  My technique for animals is to rough in the body shape, which, if you're lucky, will be still.  Then, just sketch several versions of the head in different positions.  The end result looks a bit like "Fluffy", the 3-headed dog in Harry Potter, but I find that most dogs will have 2 or 3 different head positions that will re-occur enough to sketch them in.

When I'm looking for a parking space, the parked cars look like they're never going to move.  So, I was somewhat surprised by how often the cars I was trying to sketch moved on.  I'm trying to practice getting a whole street into one small sketch, also, I find cars very difficult to portray - so, it's always good to practice them.

A simpler scene.  I love drawing bikes and their shadows.  Alas, this bike was retrieved and ridden off before I got very far.

Another 20 min sketch
Despite the sunny day, I went to my figure sketch class - this is one of my 20 minute sketches

Starting a new Series - Marine Themed

You know - oceans, docks, boats, rocks and lots of sky.First . . . . . practice drawing and painting Sea Lions . . .

Next . . . boats, water and skies