The land that summer forgot!

And my last campsite was so lovely!

After 2 nights at Winchester Bay, I headed south to Brookings for my weeklong watercolor class.  But, although the weather report keeps promising partly sunny - it has been unrelentingly foggy and cool.  Not enough sun to even cause a blip on the solar panel. I've turned off the water pump and hot water heater, only powering the propane fridge which takes a bit of power and the occasional led light.  My phone and tablet get charged during class in town every day.  Hoping I don't kill my battery before the week is out!
Believe me, the picture looks much brighter than it actually is! And, yes, the site is nestled among among a lot of tall and dark trees!

Heavy fog all day
I can't believe I'm wearing wool socks and fleece in August!!

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