Trailer project day

First a couple of maintenance tasks

After 8 years, the fresh water intake hose had come loose from its fiberglass housing - making it impossible to remove the fill cap.  A few dabs of silicon sealant should do the trick.
The green and white hose is the fill hose

Then, I saw that a wiring board had come loose and was rattling about on the floor getting roughed up by the electric power cord.  I had some double sticky Velcro that I used (I sandwiched in some foam tape to hopefully dampen road vibration) to remount the board on the side of the hot water heater insulation box.

Next project was to install a litter box

I'm starting to prepare for bringing my little cat, Fay Wray, along on my longer trips. Finding an out-of-the-way location for a litter box (where the dog and I won't be constantly stepping in it) is a top priority!
On my last trip, I emptied the cabinet under the furnace - finding new storage for the kitchen and cleaning supplies that I had been keeping there.
Next, the cabinet door had to come off.

Hmmmm . . . the hinges aren't held on with flat or Phillips head screws . . .where is my fancy screwdriver with the selection of Allen wrench tips?

I found an old IKEA reusable shopping bag that was just about the right size for a liner.  I taped it into the cabinet - that may cut down a bit on the litter getting kicked into nooks and crannies.  The pan is just a storage bin, and there's just enough room on the side for a scooper and some bags!

Will it be acceptable to the tiny princess?

I'll spend some time with Fay Wray in the trailer in the driveway before we actually go camping.  Wish me luck . . . 


  1. Hope the Princess appreciates the accommodations you've made for her. She really does look like a princess! :)

  2. I forgot to add that I LOVE your new header photo!

    1. The old one was really out-dated! I'm going to get a picture that shows the customized rock guard - has a running greyhound on it (for Molly).

      Maybe someday I'll have one as beautiful as yours! That was a magical place and a great photo!

  3. HI Anne,
    it's nice that you can do your own maintenance tasks, save time and money.

    When you were at Waldo Lake what campground do you like the best ? as we hope to be their in mid to late Sept. Do you know if their was any cell service in the area ? as my wife is on a temporary heart monitor and needs to have cell service.
    Looking to see were you go next. Thank, Jay


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