Another great Escape trailer rally!

Over 100 trailers at the rally!

So many trailers; so little time!  I visited with old friends, met some new ones, and got some great ideas for little mods and cool camping gear.

A few of the over 200 attendees enjoying the potluck dinner

I admit to being a real sucker for a good label and slogan - couldn't resist "nothing goes down easier than a cold, Dead Frog."

Their advertising did not lie; this beer goes down all to easily!

I missed the cactus blooming in Arizona (March) but caught them here in Osoyoos!

I remember being so disappointed that I had to head back home just as the desert was starting to bloom.  But here in the desert micro-climate of Osoyoos, the cacti is in full bloom - SCORE!

Kitty Corner

Fay Wray has been enjoying walking around the campsite on her harness - even though there are dogs all around.  She sat with me under the awning for quite awhile this afternoon and again this evening.  She loves being out at night so I take her out for a bit in the evening ( I'm more worried about her at night so we have to negotiate this).

FW enjoying the sun - and, hey!  Look at that brand new trailer tire!


  1. Glad to see a picture of Fay Wray out having fun. Lovely cactus photos!

    One year ago, at the end of the 2013 rally, we were passing all the Escapes heading south toward the States as we were heading north toward Alaska.
    Bet we had some friends there!
    Enjoy your summer!

    1. Hi Lynne! There sure were a lot of Escapes here! Hope you're having a good summer as well

  2. The Dead Frog slogan is hilarious! And the top photo of the pink cactus flower is the prettiest cactus flower I've seen.

    And it was fun to see Fay Wray enjoying herself.

    1. My other favorite beer slogan was on a beer in Utah - Polygamy Porter - so good, why have only one!

      I rarely take good close up photos - especially with my phone. I was quite pleased with how that first one turned out.


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