Tucson AZ – for the Escapees Rally!

First on the agenda is to stash my trailer

The Escapees rally charges registration by the trailer (over 900 rigs have registered!!) but each trailer can have 2 adults – so Julie and I are doubling up and will be sharing her trailer for the week (2 adults, 1 dog, 1 ornery cat – oh my!). 
Julie has a friend in Tucson who thought my trailer would fit in her driveway – so that was our first stop.  After a little creative hand waving, I got backed up her rather steep and long driveway to a perfect spot.  We spent a lovely afternoon with Mary in her peaceful, shady garden while Scruffy and Mary’s dog (a Rhodesian ridgeback/Labrador mix) played in the yard.  Chaco was very playful and yet very gentle with Scruffy.
That night, I heard a loud bump on the top of the trailer and then the pitter pat of feet.  Looking through my ceiling fan vent was Mary’s very large yellow tabby cat!  I was reminded of the old ‘Incredible shrinking man’ movie when the housecat was stalking the shrinking man who took shelter inside a dollhouse.  I felt like I was in a dollhouse with a giant cat peering down through the vent.

0305151652 (480x640)

The next day we took off in Julie’s trailer to see Sabino Canyon Recreation Area.

Sabino Canyon is a very pretty area for hiking; no private cars are allowed but a shuttle runs up and down  the canyon and you can get on/off at stops to hike or enjoy the views.  Worth a lot more time than we had to give it on this trip.

This crested saguaro was spectacular!  No one really knows why this mutation happens – but it’s pretty cool.

0306151434 (480x640)

The cactus is beginning to bud out and bloom.  We saw a lot of barrel cactus starting to bloom.

0306151446 (640x480)

Tomorrow, we drive over to the rally to get settled and pick up our registration materials.  Should be a fun week!!


  1. Loved the crested saguaro.

    Hope the rally is interesting and lots of fun!

    1. The rally was great! Lots of good seminars and socials every night!

  2. How much fun. What did Faye Wray (sp) think of the cat on the roof?

    1. She dove under three bed and didn't come out until the big cat was gone!

  3. I've never seen a crested saguaro...thanks for the photo! The cat on the vent is great!

    1. I saw a crested organ pipe cactus last year - also weird and interesting!


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