Feels like Autumn . . .

Portland, Or

A rainy day . . .

Much as I love weeks of sunny weather, I’d almost forgotten the appeal of a rainy day.  I love the sound of tires on wet pavement, the raindrops on foliage, the smell of rain and wet soil. I like driving into the mountains and seeing the fog roll into the canyons like cream out of a pitcher. I even like wearing sweaters.

Once again, raining as I gt ready for a BBQ

Followed by darker evenings . . .

I can’t deny that the sun is setting earlier and earlier these days – and I don’t like the dark evenings.  I go thru a LOT of candles in the dark months!

I can’t deny the wheel of the seasons is turning

It takes me awhile every year but eventually I stop grasping for every bit of summer that’s left and start to enjoy and look forward to autumn.  Still grabbing up the summer tomatoes – but starting to look forward to fall apples, cider and cooler weather.


  1. I'm surprised to see the leaves turning this early in the season.

    1. Me too - the sound as they rustle in the wind is different as they dry out.

  2. Great post. The Desert is calling, though I love the last days of Autumn kayaking. KOFA is next for us.

    1. I love Kofa! May not make it there this winter as I wait for my new trailer (mid-feb) and prep my house to sell (hopefully before interest rates go back up too much).

  3. The desert is also calling here.
    Would love to think they could build yours early so you can join us in the SW. Get that house prepping out of the way...do what you can and then let go. In my point of view, perfection is unattainable when it comes to older homes.
    So glad we are through and you will be too!


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