Every Maintenance Task requires 2 trips to the hardware store!

Wallowa Lake State Park, Joseph OR; 6/24/16

Camp Chores

Traveling for about a month now - the trailer was filthy!  I can clean inside but the outside was getting really disgusting.  So, when I saw a self wash car place I decided to run the car and the trailer through when I moved out of the Methodist Church Camp and back into the Wallowa Lk SP after the weekend.  I was too busy feeding quarters into the voracious machine to get pictures of the trailer all pink with suds, but it looks a LOT better now.  Not as clean as when I do it at home, but at least it's not disgustingly dirty anymore!

Some of the shine is back!!

Checking the torque on the tire lug nuts

I have never, ever done this - but apparently, I'm supposed to do it regularly.  And, since I got a torque wrench as a door prize a couple years ago, I figured now would be a good time to learn how.  Got out my owners manual, read all the instructions and then headed into town for a 13/16" socket.  

The hardware store in Joseph had the socket (yay!) so back to the campground.  Figured out how to pop off the wheel covers, and then found that the socket was too short - the wrench kept hitting the tires.  Dang!  I need a socket extension.  Back to the hardware store - yes, they have socket extensions.  I think 3" should be enough.  Back to the campground.  YES!  it works!  I check all the lug nuts - they are all nice and tight.  

Bonus: the new socket and socket extension fit into the same box as the torque wrench!  Score!

Fay Wray doesn't understand all the running around . . . 

She spends the afternoon lying in the sun . . . 

The End

My friend, the practical joker.   I'm glad I do a final walk-around before leaving a site or I would have been driving down the highway sporting this 'tail'.

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