Joseph, OR

Wallowa Lake State Park, OR; 6/20/16

Joseph is, surprisingly, quite an arts center.

I have relatives in Joseph who own a really nice gallery (Phinney Fine Arts).  Their's is one of several nice galleries.  Joseph is home to Valley Bronze Foundry, which is perhaps why the main street is lined with bronzes.  The following photos are by no means comprehensive - just a sampling.

Titled "Attitude Adjustment"

I forget the exact title ~ he who thinks he is invisible  -something like that!

Chief Joseph

Strolling through galleries and admiring all the art can make a gal thirsty . . . 

Although Joseph has many yummy places to eat (including Arrowhead Chocolates - locally made truffles!), this trip I chose Terminal Gravity Pub and Brewery in nearby Enterprise.  The atmosphere is very laid back, the burgers are outstanding (locally source Corriente Beef or Bison!), and the beer is great!

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  1. Beautiful bronzes. We'll check out the gallery when we are in the area.


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