A bit of water in a dry land

August 6, 2016
Clyde Holliday State Park, John Day OR

Clyde Holliday State Park is an oasis in a dry land

The John Day area has great rock formations, dry ranch land and not a lot of water.  But, I enjoyed several days in the campground as I explored the area.  I liked the hook-ups as the weather was in the upper 90’s!

Past it's prime, but still a spot of color in a bare landscape.

The stream behind my campsite

Along a nature path that followed the stream was a small fishing pond.  I didn’t see any fish – but there were a LOT of tadpoles.  I was not surprised by the frogs – the nights were full of the sounds of them!


Small fishing pond 

 This fisherman was clearly engaged in wishful thinking!

Could have landed a shark with that hook!!

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