Yuba Lake State Park, Utah

August 9, 2016
Yuba Lake State Park, Scipio, Utah

U.B. Dam!

In 1902, work began on the dam.  Workers over the next 15 years (that’s how long it took to complete) would sing, “UB damned if you work, and UB damned if you don’t work”.  Eventually, the name U.B. Dam was changed to Yuba Dam.

The most amazing thing about the lake was it’s color – emerald green in early afternoon.  I would have loved to paddle it – but there were very high wind gusts the day I was there – the trees were practically horizontal!

The pic doesn't do it justice - it was bright emerald green!

Again, the temperatures were in the upper 90’s – what was I thinking routing myself through central Utah in August!  Glad I have AC and a power hookup.  Also, feeling grateful that my fridge is keeping up with the high temps.

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