Meeting the neighbors

16 Dec, 2016; Imperial Dam LTVA; “South Florida Flats”

Winter is coming . . .

So, the winter season is deepening and this means that the LTVA’s will only continue to fill up.  Rigs are popping up like mushrooms after a rain (not a particularly apt metaphor here in the SW where the average annual rainfall is less than 2”!).
My neighbors to the South are John and Karen from Long Beach, Wa!  They’ve been in the exact same spot for several winters in a row.  My neighbors on the other side are Mike and Karen from Idaho (also chihuaha mixes Chico and PJ!).

I haven’t decided whether to stay in “South Florida Flats”

I love everything about this site – except the big Class A a couple hundred yards to the east.  This newbie runs his generator for about 14-16 hours every day!!!!  It is so annoying!! 

I may move sites when I have to dump at the end of the week.  I’ve been walking and biking around the LTVA looking for available sites with no generators near-by.

North Shore is additional $$ – but SO pretty!

A little further out and over some rough road – but North Shore CG is right on the water and each site seems to be in it’s own little cove on the reservoir.  Unfortunately, only a few sites are level enough for the rig – but they would be great for paddling.  I could launch right outside my door!

“Hurricane Ridge” is another nice area

I met a really nice Canadian guy while I was looking around this area.  Up higher, I would have a view of the reservoir.  But, I worry that the name ‘Hurricane Ridge’ might be too apt.  Where I am, the wind is bad enough!   Seems like a fun neighborhood though!

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