Another luxury - or concession to age

13 Dec, 2017; Imperial Dam LTVA, Winterhaven CA

Lifting and pouring 48 pounds of water into my fresh water tank is hard!

And, oh so heavy!  Last winter I even slipped and dropped my plastic jerry can and punctured it.  So, this year I found a 12v water pump to transfer the fresh water into the tank with the push of a button (more or less).

Plugged in to my outlet

The pump came with a short intake hose (with a filter in case you're drawing water from a lake or river!) and some battery clamps.  I knew I'd be plugging into my 12v outlet on the side of my trailer so I got a cigarette type connector and did a little rewiring so I could use that or the battery clamps.

Close up of the pump

The hardest part is getting the intake hose primed; I stick the hose all the way into the jug and then screw it onto the pump - still takes a few seconds to get going.  

There isn't actually a start button - it starts to pump as soon as you plug it in.  

Water pouring into my tank with no personal muscle power!

It's very fast - only takes a minute or two to transfer 6 gallons.  

After such hard work, I get to enjoy sunset and moon-rise!

As usual, if there is a great sunset, I'm there to enjoy it!  This night was a special treat (This day actually occurred a few days ago on the full moon) as it was the last full moon of the year.

I've started to decorate for the holidays

I'll be moving before Christmas, so I'm holding off on the outside lights - but I've been doing a bit of decorating inside!  I love the strand of battery leds along the back window!

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