Out of the fry pan; into the deep freeze

16 Apr, 2018;  Flagstaff, AZ

Amazing how much difference a few thousand feet of elevation can make!

Casa Grande was getting a wee bit warm (high: 100F/ 37C; low: 74F/23C) so, for the 2wks I have to wait for my permanent crown, I decided to explore the area around Flagstaff/Sedona.  My campsite turns out to be at 7018'!!  Along with very gusty winds, the low temps have been below freezing (like 22F/-5.5C).  A lot cooler than I had anticipated but the days are OK when the wind isn't too high.

Winter Visitors are leaving Rover's Roost RV Coop

Lots are freeing up and units are going into storage mode even as the spring bloom prepare to explode.  I've said my temporary goodbye's to my friends who have made their departures and prepared for my own move.

One of the mow many empty lots

Car, covered for the season.

These lawn ornaments look as forlorn as I feel

I could start feeling lonely, but then the spring bloom is so cheerful!

Just starting to bloom!

Even the long row of Oleanders (pink and white) are bursting with color.

My new site (at over 7,000') is quite different

Big pine trees with not a lot of undergrowth makes for fine camping.  I met up with my friend Julie (and Scruffy) in a dispersed camping area between Sedona and Flagstaff in the Coconino NF.  Specifically, FS Rd 535 off highway 89a.  There is a lot of dispersed camping along here and N of Flagstaff - a good thing to remember for summer camping.

Even here, spring has arrived in the shape of lots of tiny alpine flowers.

By lucky coincidence, pointed so that the wind doesn't hit me broadside

Lots of bones around - elk?

Shopping in Flagstaff; great red rock walks near Sedona, and free camping.  What's not to like?

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