Urban Sprawl!!

12 Jan, 2017; Plomosa Rd, Quartzite AZ

Watching the ‘neighborhoods’ develop is fascinating!

Mostly, around me, the groups are taking the ‘circle the wagons approach’.   I just saw a ‘street’ sign go up for a group of Marathon Coaches – and, if I’m remembering correctly, their ‘wagon master’ organizes this very large group into ‘streets’.  Last time I was here, they had a huge tent in their ‘city center’ set up with generators, an elevated band stand, speakers, etc)  - quite the organized group!!

Every day, more signs pop up directing folks to their groups

All the signage makes it a bit easier to find my home in this street-free,light-free desert.  My own ‘runway’ light system also helps me find my trailer when I’m driving home after dark.

Despite the overcast days, there is usually a good sunrise or sunset!


Sunset glow on the Plomosa Mtns to the East

FW is unimpressed by the beginnings of this nights sunset

Not quite the full moon!

Another wonderful sunset!

5 Jan, 2017; Plomosa Road BLM, Quartzite AZ

Travel, and a sunny day = Full Batteries!!

The trailer likes the sun; I like the sun; and FW really likes the sun!


Three guesses for which side of this sign I camped on – sigh.  I contemplated just staying put and hoping that a ranger wouldn’t make me move – but, I know myself too well.  I can’t knowingly break a reasonable rule and still sleep soundly.  So, instead of one complete move today, I had to do it twice!!

Well, it's not like it was a BIG sign . . . 

Walking in the Desert

I almost always take a trash bag when I walk – especially when I know I can dispose of the trash for free!  Today I picked up 4 aluminum cans, a beer bottle, an aluminum pie pan, a wire hanger, an old tin can and a good sized chunk of fiberglass.  BLM here is pretty trash-free – some places I’ve been, the ground has more broken glass than gravel!

I did NOT pick up this whole gate - maybe someday if I swap the SUV for a pickup!

The desert is filling up!

Just after I finished setting up – for the second time – I watched a caravan of a half-dozen Class A motorhomes, most of them hauling trailers with ATV’s, file past my trailer and park in the blow-out area behind me.  Probably they all have generators.  Notice how they are all just on the correct side of the line of 'no camping beyond this point' signs.

Circle those wagons!

But, at least they aren’t in my sight-line for sunrise or sunset.