North Ranch Escapee RV Park - Smart Weigh!

13 Feb, 2018; North Ranch RV Park, Congress AZ

Time to weigh in!

One year ago, I had my SUV and trailer weighed to make sure that I wasn't over-weight or unbalanced.  The Escapees RV Club Smart Weigh ($55) does a really comprehensive job.  First, they record the weight on each tire of your tow vehicle without the trailer.  Then, you go hook up and they re-weigh each tire on the tow vehicle and each tire on the trailer.  They compare this to the load-bearing weight for your tires, the overall weight for tow vehicle, trailer and combined weight allowances.  

They even measure the height of your trailer too - great info when you're going under trees or low bridges.

Anyway, last year, even though I was overall under-weight - I was not balanced!  Too much weight on the back end of the SUV was not safe.  So, I added weight distribution bars and was anxious to see how my numbers looked this year.

Success!!  The numbers came out near perfect!!  very balanced all the way around and well beneath max wgt for SUV and trailer.

I don't have any pictures of the process - because, of course, my weight counts too and I was in the car.  But, North Ranch is a great place and they have a lovely, if confusing cactus garden.

Cactus cup dispensers?

or sun screening for sensitive plants

"You can't see me; I'm hidden"

Quaartzite 11th Annual Fiberglass Rally

Feb 12, 2018; Dome Rock, Quartzite AZ

"It's like those big motorhomes all had babies!"

It's hard to describe or get good photos of 200 little fiberglass trailers (13'-21') popping up all over the Dome Rock camping area. Twice a day, I wander around (getting my steps in!) to greet old friends and meet some new folks.  Friends from Calgary (Jim and Lisa, with Jasper), Grand Jan, Lynne and David, from the Southeast, Jon Vermilye from New York - we come from everywhere to form this community for a week or so.  

Folks help each other with trailer problems, share tips and ideas (thanks Jill and Randy for the sunshade tips), the ladderball tournament, the yummy desert potluck (why have dinner - just skip straight to the good stuff!), great campfires, music jams, and on and on.  All under clear, sunny skies!

So much desert!!

Firewood galore!

Everyone gives trailer tours - you can see most manufacturers represented and most models offered and usually in a variety of years.  Oliver trailers had about a dozen trailers here - one was a model brought just to show folks!

I gave a trailer tour to Pam, who is considering an Escape 19 (just that little bit bigger than her Casita).  She had made a bunch of really cute potholder gifts to give away.   She even had orange!!

Lots of good dog-walks and short hikes

I always love to walk in the desert.  Old abandoned mines are covered for safety; the discarded piles of rock are a good place to look for especially bright or unusually colored rock.

Teddy Bear Cholla - waiting to snag a ride on an unwary hiker

Desert sculpture

Last evening serenades

Kamala, Jaimie, Lanson, and Clete

My propane firepit is sweet - but no match for the fire in the sky!