Boyce Thompson Arboretum, Superior AZ

15 Feb, 2018; Boyce Thompson Arboretum, Superior AZ

Visiting the Arboretum with my friend, Karen

I'm visiting a Portland friend who just bought into a winter property in Apache Junction, AZ.  She's quite the gardener so we planned a trip to the Arboretum.  WOW!!  What an amazing place.  Cactus and other plants from the Sonoran, Chihuahuan desert, plus sections dedicated to Australian and South American plants.  

Huge Eucalyptus!!

Me and Karen

Aren't these lovely!!

Lots of agave and barrel cactus were in bloom

This saguaro had to be several stories tall!!

A South American variety of Palo Verde

Very narrow path along a creek

Karen - enjoying all the variety!  

Cloudy - but only sprinkled a couple of times

So Lush!

After walking around the Arboretum, we decided to drive thru nearby Superior, AZ in search of a cute diner - we found a sports bar (not really) full of nostalgic history from the area - old hotel signs, newspaper articles on mining and other local history.

As a bonus, the food was amazingly good!!

North Ranch Escapee RV Park - Smart Weigh!

13 Feb, 2018; North Ranch RV Park, Congress AZ

Time to weigh in!

One year ago, I had my SUV and trailer weighed to make sure that I wasn't over-weight or unbalanced.  The Escapees RV Club Smart Weigh ($55) does a really comprehensive job.  First, they record the weight on each tire of your tow vehicle without the trailer.  Then, you go hook up and they re-weigh each tire on the tow vehicle and each tire on the trailer.  They compare this to the load-bearing weight for your tires, the overall weight for tow vehicle, trailer and combined weight allowances.  

They even measure the height of your trailer too - great info when you're going under trees or low bridges.

Anyway, last year, even though I was overall under-weight - I was not balanced!  Too much weight on the back end of the SUV was not safe.  So, I added weight distribution bars and was anxious to see how my numbers looked this year.

Success!!  The numbers came out near perfect!!  very balanced all the way around and well beneath max wgt for SUV and trailer.

I don't have any pictures of the process - because, of course, my weight counts too and I was in the car.  But, North Ranch is a great place and they have a lovely, if confusing cactus garden.

Cactus cup dispensers?

or sun screening for sensitive plants

"You can't see me; I'm hidden"