I've arrived in Geogia O'Keefe Country!

12 Oct, 2017; Echo Amphitheatre CG, Abiquiu, NM

Who knew it would be so beautiful?!

I knew I wanted a campground near Ghost Ranch so I could spend a couple of days touring around the place Georgia O'Keefe painted.  I found a couple campground signs on the road atlas - not even big enough for names.  So, I figured one of them should be OK.  

As I got close, the mountain terrain gave way to some impressive red rock fins  - very pretty!  And then I saw a sign for Echo Amphitheatre day use and campground.  I drove in and found a huge rock amphitheatre - very impressive.  The small campground (10 spots, about 1/2 pull-thru) was almost empty.  Normally, the sign says $10/night ($5 with the geezer pass), but it must be after the season because there were no pay envelopes and the iron ranger was all taped up.  Well, free is a very good price.

My only neighbors are some young people doing a documentary on thru-hikers on the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) which is over 3,000 miles long.  They've been following several hikers doing the trek this year.

We live in a beautiful country!

I walked up into the amphitheatre and yes, it does echo quite nicely.  The sun was wrong for good pictures but I got a few.  

I'll probably stay for the weekend and do day trips into Ghost Ranch and Abiquiu.

Durango, Colorado

11 Oct, 2017; Durango, Co

First snow of the season!!

Well, it was pretty wimpy for snow - just like frozen mist.  As I drove into Durango and while I was setting up, there was a blowing snow.  I had to dig out the duffel with all my winter clothes (I know I have gloves somewhere!).  

My view on the Animas River

The propane furnace ran almost all night - I was a bit worried about running out as I had an empty tank.  

Yes, those are RR tracks - but these are special!

The famous Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge RR

Originally opened in 1882 to transport gold and silver ore through the San Juan Mountains, this 50 mile section is now used to transport tourists through the beautiful mountains.

After the cold snap, the sun comes out again

Temps in the 60's and the sun bring out the fall colors in the campground.

Touring historic downtown Durango

Well, it's mostly restaurants, art galleries, and gift shops - but you can still see some of the old architecture.

Barkley Park

I was going to take a break on one of the sidewalk benches, but this one was already taken!

Public Transit provides door-to-door convenience.

I wasn't looking forward to parking downtown - so I was happy to hear that there is a well-developed system of trolleys I could use.  The driver was very friendly and remembered where I wanted off and let me know when we were there.

One the ride back, we passed my favorite BBQ joint!!  And Durango has TWO (it's a small SW chain).  They have really good meat, and novel sauces (Cherry Chipotle, Pineapple Jalapeno, etc) - I saw them when I drove in and have been eating BBQ almost every day.

A surprise neighbor when I got back home!

My next door neighbors have completely tricked out a 2003 Palomino TT in a Lucille Ball theme!  Carrie is a Lucille Ball impersonator (and husband plays along).  Way cool down to the smallest detail.