Cooler weather for the Fiberglass trailer rally

8 Feb, 2019; Dome Rock BLM, Quartzite AZ

Phoebe got a new sweater!

Too big for Rose's dog, Snickerdoodle, Phoebe inherited this beautiful blue sweater.  Amazingly enough, she let me put it on her the first day of trying!!  But then, she had trouble walking in it (Mom, there's sleeves!!!).

 It has been very cold here (for southern Arizona!) - high's in the low 50's (lower wind-chill with winds in the low teens) and night-time lows in the 30's!!  So, an extra sweater for Phoebe is very much appreciated!

The winds overnight did a number on the 15' pole holding my windsock - the bottom section broke in the wind - I heard it flopping around in the middle of the night and took it down.  With a little creativity, the pole is back in business - just about 3' shorter.

Tonight was the 'wienie roast' - I was unprepared!

Too many men with time on their hands - the result was a Rube Goldberg display of innovative roasting mechanisms!!  I especially liked Lance's 'fishing pole' design - powered by a drill and ending in a basket capable of rotating and roasting 4-6 dogs at a time.

I especially like the tray at the top for putting on condiments!

Hard to see the rotating basket for the hot dog nestled in the coals

Finding a sunny spot away from the wind . . . 

Despite the cool temps, it's lovely in the sun . I visit with new friends, look up old friends, try to teach Phoebe that she doesn't need to hysterically scream every time someone walks by (she's getting possessive of the trailer . . . . sigh) - go into town now and then for some wandering around the flea market.  Another day in Quartzite - lovely.

A Breezy Day in the Desert!

2 Feb, 2019; Dome Rock BLM, Quartzite AZ

The day is getting progressively more windy!

The day started out OK – I was able to sit outside with Phoebe in the sun, which she really likes. But, it’s gotten a lot breezier – my app says it’s between 15-17 mph.  Enough that I put away the awning and took down some of my outdoor twirly things.

A local craft show at the Quartzite Improvement Center

One of my camping neighbors, Linda, had mentioned she was going to take in the craft show – she has friends from New Zealand, who make really pretty jewelry pieces using a very iridescent abalone found in New Zealand. Of course, we found many other things that caught our eyes as well. I ended up with a copper cloak pin for my Pendleton shawl, some earrings made from fishing lures, a hand-beaded hummingbird to hang in the trailer, and a French fruit knife (I’ve been looking for one forever – I love the long thin blade for cutting fruit).

I finally updated my travel map!

I was only about 3 years behind!!  I wanted to be able to break out each year of travel with a different color pin and preferably filter the display.  So, last night, I finally buckled down and did the research, all the data entry and now I have a reasonable map of my travels in my current trailer. Luckily, I keep really good records of where I go and stay – so, it was pretty easy to do the data entry – just a bit tedious.

Where I've camped: Travel Page

Google maps makes the filtering part really easy – there is a little icon on the top left corner of the map that, when selected, let’s one filter on different ‘map layers’ – I set up each year in a different color and on a different layer. I’ve seen maps that used different icons (I just used a pin) – but, it would be cool to use little trailers instead of pins!

I may do special stand-alone maps in the future when I want to high-light a particular trip (like to Alaska, or if I go across Canada into the Maritimes and then down the east coast).