Desert Trails RV Park, Tucson AZ

10 Apr, 2019; Desert Trails RV Park

Two RV Parks nestled at the base of Tucson Mtn Park

I love these two parks (Desert Trails RV, and Justin's Diamond J)!  There is unlimited desert hiking just out the back of the parks.  Justin's is laid out more like a grid (bigger sites, easier to park) while Desert Trails used to be a water park - so it's laid out in a series of concentric (sort of) circles with crumbling water park features in the middle.  Old water park buildings have become community buildings, gyms, a library, a couple of small apartments.  I'm in Desert Trails this time because of the heated pool and FREE ice (now that it's getting warmer, I go through a LOT of ice).

Happy hour in the desert usually involves skeletons

getting ready to bloom!

 hmm . . . .  this saguaro looks kind of upside down!

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Rusty chairs in the desert - I think they face the sunset!

Catalina State Park, Tucson AZ

4 Apr, 2109; Catalina State Park

I came for the hiking, but the views and flowers are striking!

Apparently lots of people agree, because while I've been here it's been very crowded!

There is an equestrian loop in the campground, so I regularly get passed by dozens of mules and horses and other groups using the trails.  

Mules are more sensible than horses - great for trail riding!

I watched for a long time as these two gals trained their horses - apparently, water was a new thing for them!  The women were very patient and creative as the horses became accustomed to the stream and eventually crossed it back and forth calmly.

I was astonished at how many hikers with small children would hang out very close to the horses in training - even as the horses acted up, shied, and otherwise presented a 1,000 pound danger to small children (the riders were very much in control - but still . . . .)

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 Ah, here they go - the small stream is no longer a scary monster.

There were other group events!

In addition to a weekend with 35 boy scouts (little tents popping up like mushrooms after a rain), there was an afternoon wedding.  It was quite festive with the lights!