Back home to ???SNOW??!!!!

 Vail, AZ

16 Feb, 2023

Sometimes I forget that February is still winter

My pipes were frozen for about half a day when I first got home on the weekend, and then I woke up this morning to THIS.

Snow is lovely when I don't have to shovel it; this was all gone by the afternoon.

17th Annual Molded Fiberglass Trailer Rally in Quartzite AZ

 Quafertzite, AZ

6-12 Feb,2023

Like a pioneer fur trappers rendezvous!

Once a year for 17 years now, owners of small molded fiberglass trailers have been coming to Dome Rock BLM to share travel stories, modifications, tips and techniques, make new friendships and renew old friendships.  It's really a lot of fun - even when the weather doesn't entirely cooperate.  This year was cooler and windier than most, but still really, really fun.

My windsock was a great landmark when trying to locate my white van in the sea of white trailers.

My windsock got quite a workout! 

Just when I thought I had seen everything!

I'm always amazed at what folks can bring along in such tiny trailers - entire sets of cast iron cookware, insta-pots, etc.  This year there was a coffee lover who has taken this hobby to an entirely new level.  In his 21 foot trailer, he manages to not only grind and brew each cup of fresh coffee - but he brings green beans and ROASTS THEM ON THE SPOT!  Apparently, there is an entire sub-culture of people who modify old steel air-poppers (popcorn) and roast, then grind, then aero-press fresh coffee all the time!  He was offering free samples, demonstrations and a $10 class (you got to roast some coffee and leave with a pound of custom roasted coffee and some supplies).

I have to say, the coffee was exceptionally smooth - none of the bitterness I usually associate with hot coffee (I only get such smoothness with cold-brew).

Green beans in the bag, roasted beans (it only took about 7 minutes) on the tray, and modified air-popper.

Warm enough out of the wind and in the sun!

Phoebe loves to soak up the sun.  

She likes being able to hang out with other dogs - here she is with her friend Scruffy and new friend Sunny.  The hooman in the picture is Mary, only wearing shorts because she's down from the Yukon and probably thinks it's warm :)

I really enjoyed this opportunity to visit with some of the friends I made while full-timing and snow-birding.