Walking with Phoebe

12 Dec, 2018; RoVer's Roost SKP Co-op RV Park, Casa Grande, AZ

Folks here have more freedom to use their creativity than in some communities

Some parks with HOA's are very restrictive on types of plants, colors, types of structures, etc.  I don't know where RoVer's Roost falls on the spectrum - but I notice a lot more individuality here than SMR, (where I just spent a couple of months).  I like it!

Does BigFoot live here?

Love these faces!

Most lots have sheds; they are often painted really nicely (anything other than white is fine by me!).  Some of the sheds are painted with murals.

I especially like the pattern on this walk-way

Everyone needs a little help now and then

I've heard that Saguaro cactus that are leaning off vertical will grow arms on the opposite side of the lean!  Personal observation seems to confirm that theory - but apparently, sometimes, that isn't enough and a cactus needs some help to stay upright.

Phoebe meets a tarantula

Last night on our bedtime walk, Phoebe was sniffing something that I realized was moving!  Sure enough, it was (I think) a small Arizona Blonde Tarantula.  They are docile - they must be to put up with a wet doggy nose all up in their business!  I love seeing them.

Maybe 3-4" including legs

Walking late at night is very quiet - unless we walk in the most logical place - a road and wide gravel area next to a huge, very tall Oleander hedge.  Thousands of birds spend the night in the hedge; around dusk, the bird song is so loud you can barely hear yourself think.  After dark, walking along the hedge disturbs the birds and they scare Phoebe with the flutter of hundreds of wings in the leaves.  I think it's kind of cool.

I have no idea what this beetle-like thing is - but, it's huge!!!

Sunsets are 360; like being in an incredibly colorful snowglobe

I can not even begin to describe how powerfully I am affected by sunsets and sunrises.  In all directions and overhead, for 20-30 minutes, the sky can simply be astonishing!!  Pictures can only, at best, capture a small sliver of the reality.

Tonight's sunset was another really great one!  The kind where I stand in the desert and just turn in circles for 20 minutes looking at the sky, and saying "ooooh"  and "aaahhhh".

The photos are, unfortunately, only a small, much duller, representation of the magical sunset I experienced.  

Phoebe could have cared less. . . . .

Decorating for the holidays!

11 Dec, 2018; RoVer's Roost SKP Coop, Casa Grande, AZ

I love Lights!

The days are short; the nights are long and ever-so-dark.  I need lots and lots of lights!!  I settle for 3 small battery operated lights that I put on the valences around the dinette - I think it's very festive. 

 No space for a tree, but I have a Christmas placemat, my favorite trailer ornament and a cactus ornament, a couple of snowman t-lights and, of course, a stocking!  I did have a small Radio Shack Xmas Tree that I welded together a couple of years ago - but it didn't survive jouncing around in the trailer.

This year, I even sprang for a live wreath!

I looked at some fake wreaths that were really decorated and pretty - but I don't have the storage space.  The real one can be tossed at the end of the season.  The bow and tiny, battery operated light-string will fit in my one shoe-box sized holiday decorations box.  Won't win the park decoration contest (that will go to the couple with 12 (TWELVE) lighted Xmas trees; or the lot with more lights than most international airports - but I like my holiday display and I'm now officially humming Xmas tunes until New Years.

Washed out - but the light-string has little beads of red all