Sketching in Lockdown

29 Oct, 2020; Vail, AZ

I got creative earlier when it was still too hot to sketch outside, and many air-conditioned locations were closed.

I tried composing some scenes by combining travel photos and then pretending that I was Plein Aire Sketching.

This little fellow was waiting outside my door one morning.  I used to see them all the time in West Texas, but I haven't seen very many around here.

I'm trying to learn how to paint cacti - I think I'm starting to catch the light on this yucca (?) Spanish Dagger?

Here I was trying to catch the light from some photo references of the famous San Xavier del Bac Mission here in Tucson.

Anyway, it's starting to get cooler here in Southern Arizona, so maybe I'll be able to get out and sketch on location again.  

Van Conversion Complete!

8 Aug, 2020; Vail,AZ

Took longer than I had planned, thanks to Covid-19

Businesses closed down, Amazon took longer to deliver . . .  But, I could be patient because most camping locations were also closed!  And, if I traveled, museums, cute cafes, etc would also be closed.  My travel this summer has been limited to day hikes, and short paddle trips.

But, the conversion is complete and I have tested it out on at least trips of a few days.

And, hanging around the house gave me time to do a video of the conversion!

I can go camping again, thanks to the following products and services:

This is most of the stuff I used in the conversion.

Item           Amount    Source
   2019 ProMaster 2500 High Roof 159" 
GPS/Navigation (Garmin DriveSmart 55,
 friction mount & case)                                         $194 Amazon
Fixed Window on Sliding Door $382 Van Windows Direct
   Installation of Window $165 Carl's RV
Passenger side Swivel seat    $264
   Installation of Seat         Carl's RV
Roof Rack
  Promaster H2 rack $315 VantTech thru Amazon
  Thule 60" Cross Bars owned

Wayfarer Van Walt Kit plus Accessories (fan,
   spice box, wheel well box, privacy screen) $14,245 WayFarer Vans, Colo Springs

Power System
   Lithium all-in-one: Inergy Apex(100ah) $1,250 Amazon
MC4 to EC8 adapter $25         Inergy – thru Amazon
Renegy MC4 connector tool $5        Amazon
MC4 connectors $20        Amazon
Yakima Round Bar Kit $25        Amazon
Carl's RV for installation (Solar, 
Swivel Seat, Journeyman)                                $520
   external plug with 20" cord                                 $22         Amazon
Extension Cords; inside & outside Owned
LED Lights: Puck Lights $15   
5525 Power Jacks (pk of 6)                   $22    Amazon
Wiring (110 and 12 v)
Outlets (110, and 12v)

  MaxFan in roof        inc         Wayfarer Vans
  Clip on 12 v Owned
  Little Buddy      $55        Amazon

Screens and Window Insulation
   Screens: back door and slider     $630
   Screens: Security screens for front windows   $100
   Front Window Insulated Shades     $100
   Privacy shades for slider and back windows     inc      Wayfarer Vans

   Tanks – fresh, gray (5 gallon) inc    Wayfarer Vans
   Sink with hand pump inc    Wayfarer Vans
   Stove             owned
     IceCo JP50 (behind driver seat) $599       Amazon
     Accurate temp gauge for fridge                 $18         Amazon

  Luggable Loo $25   Amazon
  Composting medium
Pet Genie plus refills, for trash $34   PetCo

  Fire Extinguisher         $15    Home Depot
  Carbon Monoxide Detector $15    Home Depot