The Online Art community is world-wide

5 July, 2020; Vail,AZ

While this is not exactly an Aha! moment . . . .

The Web isn't called the World Wide Web for nothing; but, now that I'm taking a lot of online art classes, the fact that I'm interacting on a daily basis with other artists, and aspiring artists, across the globe is really brought home to me.  I'm currently taking a class from an instructor in Sydney, Australia and the other students come from everywhere!

A few weeks ago, I was learning more about local community reactions to recent black deaths by police in the US not from my local TV news outlets, but from comments made by Americans on posts created by British citizens living in Germany!

Warm-up Exercises for a Watercolor on Location class

Doing an urban sketching class online when most of the country (much of the world) is being asked to stay at home should be interesting!

The warm up exercises have been focussed on the way one begins to watercolor sketch; doing a few thumbnails to establish composition, values, etc.  Mostly, these have been done from still life set ups inside, or photo references.  I threw in some faces (from photo references) because I'm used to simplifying shadow shapes on faces.

I've done a few watercolor sketches from photos I took on vacations in the past.  This one was from a trip to Venice.

Arizona Fire Season

2 July, 2020; Vail, AZ

Waiting for the Monsoons

The fire nearest Tucson, the Bighorn, has been burning for almost a month and has destroyed over 115,000 acres.  It's on the opposite side of town from me so I've only ocassionally been bothered by smoke.  Until last week when the flames could be seen from my house - still far away but a reminder every night.

Slowly, the fire is being managed, but, really, the only thing that will stop the Arizona fires (and this is only one of probably a dozen) is the arrival of the Monsoon Season.  So, we are all hoping for the Monsoons to arrive.

The cloud patterns are starting to align, today I even had some sprinkles at my house.  I'm grateful as I know that our fires are nothing like the fires that happen every year in California and the Pacific Northwest.  I'm reminded of the truly horrible fires so recently in Australia.  

And, I hope for the Monsoons.