The last few sketches

The very last sketch.  Black and white; somewhat tedious to draw but I love the overall effect.

I really like these curled shapes, and the yellow/red colors too!

Almost finished with this project!

I really like this one - inspired by a centerpiece consisting of a big glass container filled with wine corks.
Love the colors in this one 9 (the Leo in me loves the warm yellow/orange colors!), also the fact that the ribbon has escaped the mandala shape.

But, the black/white ones are my favorites.

I like the whorli-gig pattern in the large circles.

and still more . . . .

I like the one's that aren't completely symetrical!

The gingko leaf is falling out of the pattern in the following one - disobedient little mandala!

More Mandalas!

A few more mandalas

I'm having fun designing new patterns - and it is very therapeutic to fill them in.  If I keep going at this pace, I should finish the sketchbook in time.

Time is Running Out!!

I have, once again, procrastinated on a project – I have only a couple of weeks to complete my sketchbook entry to the Worldwide Sketchbook project – and it’s virtually empty! I had intended it to be a travel journal of the summer’s camping adventures – but life intervened and I didn’t do as much traveling as I had intended. Also, I realize that the advice to rebind the sketchbook with higher quality paper would have been good to heed. The first few pages I attempted, the paper really buckled and bled through.
So, clock is ticking; time to take a new approach. Colored pencil and ink will be a better choice of mediums and a series of ‘mandalas’ fit the studio environment.
Here are a few that I have completed so far.