Testing new cell phone signal extender!

No/little coverage here on the Long Beach Peninsula - so I'm testing my new Wilson Sleek signal booster. it successfully boosted 1 3G bar to 4 bars!! YAY!!
Its boosting 1G bar up too - but of course, you can't get data out of nothing  :-(
So, tales of this trip will have to wait until I get home.


  1. How did the signal booster work? I need something myself for home.

  2. Hi Don,

    I don't know HOW it works, but here's a link to the vendors FAQ: http://wilsonsleek.com/FAQ

    I do know that if you are too close to a cell phone tower, it will turn itself off - apparently, since it amplifies the signals it can interfere with other cell signals.

    It requires a 12 volt connection so, if you were going to use it at home, you'd need a tiny inverter.

    Also, you physically have to place the phone into a cradle and leave it there - so, to use the phone, you need to be on speaker or bluetooth.

    There's also a little antenna - I've heard of folks attaching it on the outside of a window with suction cups. Wilson also has a wide variety of other antennas that work with the Sleek.

    Hope this helps!


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