Life at Home - a lot of Socializing!

Socializing to benefit good things

Fences for Fido is a local (but expanding) totally volunteer organization that provides free fences in order to get tethered and chained dogs off those chains and give them (and their families) a better quality of life.  They also provide insulated doghouses, veterinary and spay/neuter services when necessary.  When the circumstances require it, they can help re-home dogs. 

FfF has gotten over 800 dogs off chains in the last 5 years.  They helped push through an anti-tethering law in the Oregon Legislature last year.  I've been on a couple fence builds, helped build doghouses and the events are always fun and so fullfilling.  

This organization is truly an example of how a few creative, dedicated caring people can really make a difference in their community.

This fundraiser brought in over $60K to help dogs!

Socializing against all odds

Spring in Oregon is often characterized as 'the season with warmer rain'.  And while I can't really complain after spending 2 months in the dry and sunny Southwest, we've had a lot of rain here in the PNW in the last 2 months.  A . . . lot . . . of . . . rain.  But, as we say up here, "If we waited for a sunny day, we'd never go outside!"  So, despite the heavy rain, I was determined to hold a traditional Memorial Day BBQ.  Yup, this is sometimes the price folks must pay for being my friend - getting soaked holding an umbrella over the grill.  At least the food was yummy!

Happy Memorial Day BBQ

Socializing with the pre-verbal

'Mama' and 'Dada' are about the limits to my grand-nephews vocabulary - but, we're working hard on it!  Having fun with these little guys is making it hard for me to want to get out in the trailer camping!

Very happy little twin brothers