Beating the heat!

Oct. 14, 2016; Tucson, AZ

Still in the mid-90's every day!

So hot for this Swede from the Pacific Northwest!  So, in addition to staying places where I can run the AC for about 10 hours a day, I've been outfitting the rig for the extended sun and heat.

To help the tires, I added a set of sun blockers I got on sale at Camping World.

On sale at Camping World: BoGo!

For the car, I added a reflectix panel for the non-tinted side window to go along with the windshield sun screen.

I have front and side awning sun blockers ordered from Amazon - they'll be here by the end of the week.    Carefree Sunblocker   and Carefree Side Blocker

Carefree 88008802 Black Sideblocker       Carefree 82158802 Black 6' x 15' Sunblocker

This tarp provides shade for my Yeti Cooler - helping it keep ice for a few more glasses of iced Tea or an 'adult beverage'.

And, when all else fails . . . 

I can lounge by the pool.

Sometimes it's worth it to stay in an RV Resort - it's still a big parking lot, but the 'extras' are worth it right now.  Especially the pool!

I'm currently staying at Adventure Bound (previously Cactus Country) RV Resort.  In addition to full hook-ups (yay, AC!), there is a laundromat, a recreation room, library, free cable TV and wi-fi.  I can have my mail forwarded here, there is a nice cactus garden and the landscaping is really nice.  It's pretty convenient for shopping - so, I'm getting re-stocked.  I would definitely stay here again.

They name the 'streets' for different types of cacti

To me, Palm Trees just scream 'I'm on vacation' .

Typical landscaping

More landscaping

The cactus garden walk is also very informative with lots of excellent specimens.

I really like the variegated color on this agave.

The Ocotillas are really tall!

Love the orange glow to the barbs in the sunlight!

Very yellow!

Pretty sure that this is the rare 'Saguaro Metallica'

Barrel cactus that's still in bloom

Some of these agaves come up to my shoulder!


  1. Hi Anne, I am curious about your travels and your travel trailer. I am Donna Hendersons sister. I dream of traveling but have the care of my mother at the present. Have you learned everything you need to know about your trailer by prior experience or trial and error after purchase? I will live vicariously thru your travels...enjoying your the way Tucson is a dry heat, as opposed to Waco Texas which is a muggy heat (where I live). Barbara Brady

    1. Hi Barb! Thanks for reading along. I had a VW van before I got the trailer - so I learned a little bit about RV'ing (how to handle the propane, conserve power/electricity, handling trash, keeping fresh water, handling a porta-potty) - but mostly, I learned with the first trailer. And believe me, I made every newbie mistake possible! Fortunately, no horrible consequences - just embarrassment.

      There are several RV clubs (Escapees and RV'ing Women) who give training classes for beginner travelers. These are a really good deal and can take a lot of the stress out. I also find that fellow campers are really helpful. Once, I was having trouble getting my trailer signal lights to work - before long I had 5 guys (all with tools) helping troubleshoot and fix the problem.

      I don't envy you living in Waco - as you know, I was recently in San Antonio for my Mom's memorial service - that muggy heat hits like a brick. Stay cool!

  2. Great cacti pictures. We are camped at Lees Ferry. It was over 90 degrees today. We are headed your way in a week or so.

    1. Thxs! I can't stop taking pics of cacti . . .
      This has been such a hot summer - hope it starts to cool off soon.
      Are you going to be at Kofa this winter?

    2. We will be at KOFA Jan & Feb. We will be at Buenos Aires NWR Nov & Dec. Have you been there? We are looking forward to it. Check out the Brown Canyon Saturday hikes.

    3. Thx! I'll for sure visit Kofa this year


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