Up the Coast to Portland–and Home

Almost 5 months since I’ve updated this blog!

Well, I guess that’s what happens when I get home – cold, rainy, and many boring chores!  But also, family and friends.  Hard to even know how to get started again – I guess a quick summary of the mostly sedentary, cold and rainy period that ended my travels (late May) until I had a month of fun in Canada in June.

A brief summary

After leaving the smog of Southern California, the trip home became very familiar and nostalgic.  Oh, and it started to rain, and rain and rain (basically, every day for 2 months).

I traded smog for rain at one of my favorite parks -  Patricks Point State Park – a beautiful park near the redwoods and right on the beach.  I remember the first time I camped here with a friend, years ago, we were confronted by two very tiny, very fierce kittens protecting some scrap of food left by the previous campers.  We immediately named them Agate and Redwood.  They disappeared into the forest and we learned that they were just two of a very healthy feral population of cats in the park.  I didn’t see them or any of their progeny on this visit.

The view from the overlook near my site - there is a path down to the beach from here

Rain dripping from the awning, puddles, lush green everywhere!

Next stop was Bandon Oregon, where I stayed at Bullards Beach State Park.  Bandon is a very cute oceanside town right next to the State Park, and the Bandon Dunes Golf Complex (home to two of the top courses in the USA and a very impressive golfing destination).  This trip I was most drawn to the sculptures dotting downtown.  Constructed entirely of garbage found on the beach, it’s a beautiful protest and comment on ecology and our throw-away culture.

When I got home to Portland, I checked into the Pheasant Ridge RV Resort, near Wilsonville OR.  It’s right on I-5, convenient to family, some of my friends and shopping.  A nice enough RV park, at least my site didn’t flood in the almost continuous rain!  What followed was mostly chores, chores, and visiting with family and friends (that part has been fun).

California Sea Lions lining the docks in Newport Oregon

These guys are really NOISY!!

Northern Oregon Gathering - Beverly Beach State Park, OR - Late April

I took a weekend off from family and business chores to camp with friends for the semi-annual NOG.  Octopus trees were created when the old growth was harvested and left tall stumps.  Young trees sprouted up from the rotting stumps, driving their roots down 4-5 feet until they disappeared into the ground.  As the old stumps decayed, the ‘octopus’ tree was left.  Still raining!

Rain = green = more rain

Octopus tree!

The Pacific - in a brief break from the rain

A week off from the rain for a family reunion in North Carolina – early May

What can I say?  Outer barrier TopSail Island in NC, a bunch of family that I haven’t seen in years, sun, WARM ocean (not at all like the icy Pacific), a cousin steeped in super Southern recipes, great sea food.  And – no rain!  In addition to all that, giant turtles were coming ashore to breed and we visited a turtle hospital.

Turtle hospital

This guy is several hundred pounds of cuteness

apparently a family favorite - I've never heard of it - but Yummy!

Back to Portland for more rain – mid-May

Oh, go for a couple hour hike in the driving rain? Sure!  Nothing like a good soaking rain to show me that my rain gear needs replacing.  Sure enough, a couple days after my wet walk through Steigerwald wildlife refuge (near Washougal  Washington), I ventured into REI and emerged with the latest technology rain jacket and considerably less cash.

Steigerwald consists of a lake, wetlands, and a lovely path along a slough that adjoins the Columbia River.

hmmm  . . .  I'm thinking that this is a Nutria  - or maybe just a 'varmint'

Almost caught up on the blog!

My annual trek to the Escape Trailer Industries Owner Appreciation rally and then camping with friends in BC took up most of June – see the next post!

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