A weather system moves thru!

9 Jan, 2018; Dome Rock Rd, near Quartzite, AZ

Living so much outside makes me much more aware of the weather.

First, the breeze switches direction.  Then, suddenly, we're all scurrying around collecting chairs and door mats as they try to fly off across the desert in the 35mph gusts (Roz has a wind gauge).  Awnings get cranked in, windows and rock guards get closed and the trailer rocks.  The door is almost impossible to open and then rips from my hand to smash (alarmingly!!) against the side of the trailer.

Dome Rock Yesterday

Dome Rock - today!

Julie and I decide to head into town and get some errands done.

As we drive around town, (dropping trash off at the transfer station, filling up 6 gallon jugs of fresh water, doing laundry) heavy rain clouds roll in.  A few scattered raindrops are followed by strong wind-driven rain just as we finish up with our laundry and head back to camp.

Back at the trailer, cozy with a mug of tea, I listen to the raindrops on the roof (always a lovely sound) and the heady scent of the damp creosote bushes fills the trailer.  Desert rain is the best!

The wind has upset the hummingbirds

The hummingbird feed is empty from flipping around in the wind.  The hummingbirds are frustrated as they return again and again risking injury from the blowing plastic feeder only to find it empty!

So, I remove the big feeder, fill a small one, and tape it directly to the feeder pole.  This keeps the feeder from moving around in all the wind.  I have had 2 hummers fighting over the big feeder in the last couple of days.  In this bad weather, they'll just have to share - the little feeder only has one opening.

After the rain, a beautiful rainbow (and it's much lighter friend)

The second rainbow is barely visible and my camera doesn't really pick it up.  As we watch, the rainbow grows in intensity and then fades as the setting sun and background clouds move to reveal the more distant hills.  

We even get a nice sunset!

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