We have liftoff!!

18 May, 2020; Vail, AZ

My hummingbird chicks have fledged!

I have so enjoyed watching the Costas Hummingbird build her nest, sit on the nest, hatch and feed her two chicks, and finally, to see them take their shaky first flight from the nest.  The nest was right outside my kitchen nook window and I spent a lot of time in the last 6 weeks watching hummingbirds.  The video shows them testing out their wings, and almost falling out of the nest!

In other 'lift-off' news . . .

The sourdough starter that I was making from scratch as an experiment, finally, after 22 days, decided to wake up and start to rise!

I couldn't believe how gorgeous the resulting bread was!  And, very tasty!!


  1. How fun! I really hoped I would see my hummers hatch, but alas, she picked a bad spot for her nest. Too cute those guys!! Your bread looks amazing. One of these days I'll get back to having sourdough. It's like a kid though ... requires lots of attention!!

    1. Yah, I put my starter to sleep in the fridge after giving 1/2 of it to a friend today - my next experiment is to dry and freeze some of it. I love the bread, but really need to limit the carbs.


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