Urban Sketching Regional Workshop in Seattle WA

Despite ominous forecasts, it didn't rain all weekend!!

Almost unheard of good luck in the Pacific Northwest for this time of year, but we got away with 2.5 days rain-free!  The Urban Sketchers workshop presenters were UofW professor of 35 yrs, Frank Chin and Gail Wong, a lecturer at UofW for 16 years.  They were great and I learned a lot about sketching buildings and urban scenes.  
Seattle is an amazingly picturesque city with lots of very colorful neighborhoods, vistas and architecture.  We sketched in the Fremont Neighborhood where I found this huge statue of Lenin.  The statue was found face down in a Russian junkyard and brought to the US.  There is some controversy about it and this may only be a temporary location for the statue.

We spent Sunday morning at the iconic Pike Street Market.  This is a scene looking into Post Alley - lots of produce, fresh fish, bakeries and little coffee shops.

After this weekend, I'm psyched to do a lot of sketching during my camping trips this summer.  
I'm off to Idaho/Utah for a couple of weeks later this week.


  1. Wow! Wish I could sketch like that.

  2. The sketches are great! Can't wait to see your camping trip sketches! :)

  3. I love to sketch! My memories of places remain so vivid when I've spent time sketching there.


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