can you count how many starfish in this picture?

Had dinner on the beach tonight

One of my workshop classmates found a great little beach that was totally empty of people.  It was not, however, empty of starfish!  The rocks were full of them!
We were there just before a squall hit.
Another gorgeous ocean-viewing day on the southern coast of Oregon!


  1. Why do the starfish hang around on the rocks? Are there barnacles for them to eat on them?

    A beach to yourselves. What a treat!

    1. Lots of stuff on the rocks - even mussels. The south coast is so much less crowded! And its really beautiful with all the tide pools and sea stacks. I guess its just too far away from a big metro area to draw big crowds. The constant fog may be another factor!

    2. Thanks for answering about what the starfish find to eat there. I'd love to see that area someday.


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