Painting like mad!

Roll the dice for an assignment!

I'm taking a great watercolor workshop this week.  Each day covers a design element, then we roll the dice for a secondary element and then again for our color scheme. We're churning out 1-2 paintings a day trying to incorporate all the concepts - fun but exhausting.

Here's my effort for today

Not quite done but well on the way.

close up on his face

In weather news . . . 

While still pretty cool and foggy, there was just enough sun to charge my battery today!  Whew . . . I was really afraid my battery was going to discharge so far it would be damaged.  In still here for another couple of days so, I'll still need to be very conservative.

I walked around these rocks at low tide today and saw a gazillion starfish - from brilliant orange to a deep purple. They are so beautiful against the rocks.


  1. The watercolor workshop sounds fascinating. Wish I had some talent for it!

    Glad you got some sun to help with the battery.

    Do you have LEDs in your light fixtures? They REALLY help!

  2. I swapped my lights to LED last year - it does help a lot. This fog is just unrelenting! I think my fundamental problem is needing to store more power so that I can get through more days with no power boosts. Right now I just have one 12 volt battery. I need to explore the various options - weight/size/amp hrs. I know 2 6 volts are a popular combination because you can discharge them further without damage. I think I might be able to find 12 volts with more available amp hrs than the one I have now. Time for some intensive research on batteries and then a mod - not sure where I could fit additional batteries on my rig.


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