Lighthouses, pinipeds, and fresh fish!

The day starts in Bandon, Or. 

It's been a few years since I've been down this way - so I was interested in seeing the changes.  A very good art supply store is gone, but the very excellent chocolate store is still there -they provide scrumptious desserts to some of the restaurants in town (scored a great chocolate/caramel mousse dessert after a wonderful fresh rockfish dinner at the Edgewater restaurant last night).

Then it was on to a tour of the Coquille River lighthouse

The lighthouse has never been open for tours on my previous visits so I was anxious to see inside.  An added benefit was getting to meet Nina and Paul (Wheeling It blog ) whose delightful blog I've been following for awhile!

After lunch, it's time to check out some kayak put-ins 

I was interested in a couple paddles around Charleston, Or -just up the coast a few miles.  Plus, I wanted to take the scenic drive out to Cape Arago and check out Charleston, which has a very picturesque fishing marina.

The following photos barely do justice to the natural beauty of this area!  From the Simpson Reef view point you can see (and hear!) Thousands of harbor seals, California sea lions and elephant seals.  This is one of the few places along the Oregon coast where the seals pull out in large numbers - you could hear them from 1/2 mile away! 

Fisherman's wharf in Charleston, OR

The marina in Charleston has a lot of big fishing boats - and lots of small fish stores selling fresh off the boats salmon, tuna, crab and whatever else they caught.
We got a large loin of tuna and grilled it for dinner.  Served with a fresh raspberry sauce and stir-fried veggies - it was a really yummy end to the day!


  1. Your meal looks great! I can hardly wait to head up that area. It's been a couple of years. We have to sell our home first..

    1. This area rates an A+!! I've been here several times but had totally skipped the scenic drive from Charleston to cape Arago - its only a few miles long but just spectacular! There's a 4 mile coast trail you can hike, several kayaking possibilities, beaches with great tide pools to investigate, and the biggest colony of sea lions you're likely to see anywhere on the pacific northwest coast. Then there is the world class golf resort at Bandon Dunes!!

      I can't wait to come back!!

  2. I haven't had fresh rockfish since I lived in Virginia Beach in the 80's!

    It never occurred to me that seals would be noisy!

    And oh! All that fresh seafood.

    And a lighthouse tour to boot.

    I love your blog! :)

    1. HI Anne
      Iam Jay from So. Oregon and I meet you at one of the Oregon gatherings at Bandon one year.
      I have been checking in on your adventures for some time now and thought I would say HI as I enjoy your blog.
      We have a Casita and were at Cape Blanco in July and had a good time, we also love the Bandon area.
      Thanks for the nice pictures and have a good trip. Jay

    2. Hi Jay! Glad you enjoy my blog - Bandon is certainly an area I'm looking more and more!

      Tiny camper - the first day we visited their was fog and we couldn't see anything - but we certainly heard them - I was really astonished at how loud and constantly they vocalized. I wanted to come back at night to see if they were quiet at night.


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