Still foggy, but I found a power bush

Tonight I'm at Cape Blanco SP near Port Orford, OR.
Its a nice campground high on a cliff overlooking the ocean (well thru the trees).  Molly and I took a lovely walk thru the forest and then along the cape to the lighthouse.
My electronics and trailer battery are sucking up the juice (after 6 days with no sun, my battery was down to about 50%!). 
I'm enjoying a lovely fire - wood provided by a neighbor who was pulling out as I was pulling in.

Campsites are First come, first served here - I feel lucky to have found such a nice spot on a weekend.


  1. Yay for the power bush and firewood! :)

    Loved your lighthouse painting. It's so much more fun than a photo.

  2. I'm loving the south coast here - despite the fog! There are tons of sea stacks and at low tide, lots of tide pools to investigate - and the beaches are less crowded than the northern Oregon coast.

    I'm a little further north today and may try some paddling in the coquille river - it's sunny here!


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