Rocking and Rolling!

Whoever said that a trailer is an "Earthquake on wheels" was right!

Traveling south on 95 towards Quartzite didn't seem very bumpy - just hilly (almost like frost heaves) - but when I stopped for lunch, Oh My!  The content of two upper cabinets was spread all over the floor.  FW tried to help put it all back (yah, right!)

Discovered the plastic closure on one cupboard had busted (cheap fix the next time I pass a camping world).  And, a crimp came loose on the solar panel - I realized that when I checked on my cell phone and tablet at the "charging station" and saw that they weren't getting charged up.  Fortunately, I had plenty of extra connectors and got the panel back in service in a few minutes (I love getting power for free!).

I thought I lost my phone!

My charging station on the back seat needs some rearranging.  I went to get my phone and just found the cord - disappearing down between the seat and the back cushion - you know that place that has devoured seat belts since we were children.  It took a couple of minutes of frantic searching to finally touch the phone and then ever-so-carefully nudge it back to a place where I could pull it out.  I had visions of it sliding to some totally inaccessible spot and having to pay for someone to take the seat out to get it!

First night in Quartzite

The maps and the directions I had for the upcoming fiberglass trailer meet here seemed reasonable 1,000 miles away in my living room.  In actuality, not so much.  But, I'm in the right area and have plenty of time to hunt down the right spot - I'll get some use out of my bike this trip.  Meanwhile, a day trip into Q. will be good - laundry, groceries, and scoping out a place to watch the super bowl this weekend.

Kitty Corner

I think FW would like a bigger trailer.


  1. Anne,
    Good post. I love the picture of FW in the cupboards, but would have loved to see your stuff all over the floor.

    This morning, as I was setting down the bowl of cat crunchies (dry food), the bowl slipped out of my hand and went upside down, spreading dry cat food all over the kitchen. In my half-asleep state, I got the broom and dustpan and proceeded to clean it all up. I then went back to sleep until noon!


    1. I usually think, "I should put that in the blog" too late to get a picture - it was an impressive mess!
      I've had similar mishaps with the crunchies - I once dumped a big bag of dog kibble in the trailer TWICE in one weekend! Sometimes, it's better not to start the day after that.

  2. Your cactus and sunset photo is pure eye candy!

    Loved seeing FW apparently very comfortably at home in the trailer how.

    Enjoy your stay at Q. I'm looking forward to reading your impressions of it!


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