Katherine Landing Campground, Bullhead City, Az

Arizona, Nevada, Arizona . . . 

Down at the pointy southern end of Nevada, it gets confusing.  But, I'm on the east side of the Colorado (omg, another state reference!) river, so its Arizona.
Katherine landing is another CG in the Lake Mead Recreation area.  At this site, there is also an RV park, a motel, boat rentals, gas, restaurant ( open in the summer), and a big marina.  There are 170 dry camping spots nicely landscaped with palm trees and bushes,  but the loops seem tight and a bit crowded to me.  2 loops are closed pending the start of some big motorcycle event.  There are bike paths out to Davis dam and a couple of coves on the river.
BIG sucker fish, hanging out in the shade at the marina.
Apparently, Canadians and Oregonians aren't the only ones to migrate south for the winter. ;-)   I saw some very chubby mallards, and a beautiful male wood duck.

However, my closest neighbors appear to be a flock of quarreling quail!  Earlier, I saw about 30 of them chasing each other around and chirping in an aggrieved manner.  When I came back from my walk, all was quiet, so I assume they settled their differences.


  1. Your photo looks very 3 D. Beautiful combination.

    I'm not familiar with suckerfish, at least by that name. Something new for me to go look up.

    Hope you are having a great time and that FW is behaving herself!

    1. I think suckerfish is kind of the generic term. One variety native to this area of the Colorado river is endangered (considering the number lounging around the marina, I'm assuming they were not the endangered ones) - but I don't remember the specific qualifier on the name.

  2. I hope you got out before all the bikers arrived. I can't imagine FW would like all the noise. It looks like a beautiful area. Glad to hear you are checking out places from the other egg folks.


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