Life at Home - a lot of Socializing!

Socializing to benefit good things

Fences for Fido is a local (but expanding) totally volunteer organization that provides free fences in order to get tethered and chained dogs off those chains and give them (and their families) a better quality of life.  They also provide insulated doghouses, veterinary and spay/neuter services when necessary.  When the circumstances require it, they can help re-home dogs. 

FfF has gotten over 800 dogs off chains in the last 5 years.  They helped push through an anti-tethering law in the Oregon Legislature last year.  I've been on a couple fence builds, helped build doghouses and the events are always fun and so fullfilling.  

This organization is truly an example of how a few creative, dedicated caring people can really make a difference in their community.

This fundraiser brought in over $60K to help dogs!

Socializing against all odds

Spring in Oregon is often characterized as 'the season with warmer rain'.  And while I can't really complain after spending 2 months in the dry and sunny Southwest, we've had a lot of rain here in the PNW in the last 2 months.  A . . . lot . . . of . . . rain.  But, as we say up here, "If we waited for a sunny day, we'd never go outside!"  So, despite the heavy rain, I was determined to hold a traditional Memorial Day BBQ.  Yup, this is sometimes the price folks must pay for being my friend - getting soaked holding an umbrella over the grill.  At least the food was yummy!

Happy Memorial Day BBQ

Socializing with the pre-verbal

'Mama' and 'Dada' are about the limits to my grand-nephews vocabulary - but, we're working hard on it!  Having fun with these little guys is making it hard for me to want to get out in the trailer camping!

Very happy little twin brothers


  1. Hi, Anne,

    I tried commenting earlier and the page disappeared when I hit publish, so I'll try again.

    Fences for Fido is a wonderful idea! It's the first I've ever heard of such a program.

    And you are one intrepid barbequer! :)

    Those two little guys look so happy. I can understand why it would be hard to leave them.

    Good to see a post from you, whether you are camping or not.

    1. I'm getting ready for a quick trip to Canada - Escape Manufacturers host a weekend for owners on a lake in wine country - always a fun time!


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