Getting Ready for Halloween

First come the decorations

Clap on - my nieces and nephews love the cackling witch

Then, the Jack o'Lantern

Currently, a blank slate.  All creative  pumpkin potential!

A few pumpkins from the past

The pumpkin that started it all.  Almost every year for the last 25 years, I've carved a pumpkin.

The witch pumpkin

Que the banjo dueling music;  I particularly loved these hillbilly punkins!
There have also been Phantom of the Opera punkins, devils, cats, and one of my friends carved one out to use as a planter box.  

Haven't decided yet what this years theme will be - but I have been watching a lot of the 'Walking Dead' series.

Enjoying the last days of our Indian Summer

If it's not raining, get outside!

Everyone in the PNW understands this directive - especially the closer we get to the gray and rainy months.  So today I drank my morning coffee outside in the sun.  I sketched another Starbucks customer who was journaling.

This was a bit of a "stealth" sketch as I was using my little 3x4" sketchbook

Scoot thru "Forest for the Trees"

Forest for the Trees

In it's second year, this project showcases 20 contemporary artists painting outdoor murals around town.  Portland has a history of impressive murals and I've enjoyed finding them in unexpected places around town.   Check out this project:

We had a map, full tanks on our scooters . . . 

Mine is the smaller one on the left!

Now, all we needed was some breakfast.

Conveniently located near my house on Alberta St. and between our first couple of murals, Petite Provence offers a really delectable selection of pastries, breakfasts, and, most importantly, great coffees.

Then, it was off to find our murals.

Oops, this one is from last year - but isn't it great!

My favorite for 2014 - "You are confined only by the walls you build"

I had to go behind a gate to get this bunny

This one is near my new favorite Thai restaurant - Thai Seasons on NE Sandy.

This one is outside City
Liquidators - I furnished my first apartment from this Portland landmark store!

Had the opportunity to chat with Walt at City Liquidators while I was photographing their mural.  What fun!  Murals decrease 'tagging' and increase community conversation.

This mural has a bas relief detail!

Finally, time for lunch

Usually, Pambiche has a line around the block - but today we lucked out.  The best Cuban food in town!

Not my photo - I was so excited to try the food I forgot to take a photo. 

3 Capes Scenic Byway

Well, only two this trip, but they were the two prettiest!

Cape Meares lighthouse, the 'Octopus' tree (a massive sitka spruce that sent out multiple horizontal trunks from its base and then rises over 100 feet), and Cape Lookout.  The scenic byway is a beautiful drive through the woods between the capes and passes through the small beach side communities of Netarts and Oceanside.

This Oregon coast drive was magically beautiful this week - Could also be the company I'm keeping these days ;-)

Looking North from cape lookout

Looking south from cape meares

Every good trip deserves a memorable sunset

Nehalem Bay