Getting Ready for Halloween

First come the decorations

Clap on - my nieces and nephews love the cackling witch

Then, the Jack o'Lantern

Currently, a blank slate.  All creative  pumpkin potential!

A few pumpkins from the past

The pumpkin that started it all.  Almost every year for the last 25 years, I've carved a pumpkin.

The witch pumpkin

Que the banjo dueling music;  I particularly loved these hillbilly punkins!
There have also been Phantom of the Opera punkins, devils, cats, and one of my friends carved one out to use as a planter box.  

Haven't decided yet what this years theme will be - but I have been watching a lot of the 'Walking Dead' series.


  1. OK, so what did you end up with? And are you going to AZ again?

    1. I went with a Zombie pumpkin!
      Yes, I will be in the southwest this winter - still outlining a rough itinerary. So many places I want to visit and revisit. Are you going too?

    2. I plan on heading to AZ on March 5th (weather permitting). Need to take care of some business in Salome. Missed you last year as you left before I got there.


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