Beverly Beach State Park

So close to so much!

Between Newport and Lincoln City, this state park is close to Yaquina Head Historic lighthouse, Devil's Punchbowl, the jetties around Yaquina bay (big fishing marina and processing plants in Newport), sea lions lounging around on the docks, an outstanding ocean museum, and the Rogue Brewery.  

The beach is a great place to look for agates.  Mostly what we saw were huge piles of kelp - the surf has been particularly rough and the kelp was really tangled up like braided rope.

The campground is huge, but shady - full of big spruce.  A lot of 'Octopus trees'  - big spruce that grew out of fallen trees or stumps and when the stumps rot away, you can see the roots of the new trees.  The trees look like they're standing on tip toe.

An owl hanging around like a scrub Jay!

Walking around the campground, we were surprised to see an own up in a tree.  While we watched, it flew down into a yurt site - I've never seen such a bold owl.

Sea lions are a rambunctious, noisy lot!

These guys hang out on some old docks next to  Pacific Seafood processing plant on the old Newport waterfront.


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    1. There sure is a lot to do and see here! And the weather is unusually nice for this late in the fall.

  2. I don't think I've ever seen kelp before. I had no idea that's what it looks like. Thanks for posting the pictures.

    The spider trees are weird! And the owl -- unexpected!

    I have seen sea lions -- at Sea World.

    The West Coast is like another world to me. Maybe I will get out there someday. In the meantime I appreciate the photos and blog posts.

    1. We saw lots of seals playing in the surf today - a pretty common sight. I took a video of the sea lions because they were so LOUD, but have been having trouble uploading it. You can here them barking hundreds of yards away. The west coast is really wonderful - still very wild and picturesque!


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