Yaquina Head and Devils Punchbowl

Super storm in the Bering Sea causing big surf all the way to central Oregon.

Extra big surf causing really spectacular views along the coast - usually these kind of waves are associated with winter storms, but today is sunny and warm - really bonus weather for this last in the fall.

Historic lighthouse, closed, and wrapped up, for repairs.

Devils Punchbowl, at low tide.


  1. Intriguing photos of the surf and the Punchbowl. But the lighthouse looks strange all wrapped up like that. How long do they think it will be before it is open again?

    1. I think the renovation will be done in a few months - from the pictures, it's really a nice lighthouse under all that plastic!.

      We totally went at the wrong time! Couldn't tour the lighthouse and since it was high tide, we missed the tide pools.

      But the visitor center was quite nice with extensive exhibits. I hadn't realized that the whole headland was an ancient lava flow that had extended out into the ocean and then been carved over millennia into its current shape - I guess that's how the punchbowl was formed - kind of a big bubble in the lava.


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