If it’s not one thing; it’s another–Osoyoos, BC; May 28

Fix a problem; find a problem!

In keeping with the theme for 2015, just as I find help in fixing my awning issue, the gravity chair breaks!  Luckily, I was in the best possible place with friends who have extra chairs.

Coldspring Provincial Park, Manning Park, BC  - a lovely campground with some site backing onto the river.

A trip to the fabulous hardware store in Osoyoos and I found some replacement hardware for the chair.  Also, a couple of 6-packs of Growers Hard cider (Peach and Cherry) – requisite drink for repair work – refreshing, but not so much alcohol that I worry about messing up the project!

Escape Owners Rally is a slippery slope!

Over 120 trailers and very creative owners!  I’m getting so many ideas and the build sheet for my next trailer is growing.  Not even 24 hours yet and I’ve already been convinced to swap the bed to the opposite end of the trailer!!  And even though I’ve ruled out the 5th-wheel, I keep seeing some exceedingly tempting layouts.  That’s the problem with these custom builds – so many really good ideas!!
I saw some DIY awnings that someone made to shade their windows that would be perfect for shading the fridge on those really hot days!!


Definitely getting air-conditioning in the new trailer!!

Even though its Canada in May, it’s over 80F today – it’s 90 inside my trailer!!  Glad I left Fay Wray at home.


  1. I don't use my A/C often, because I drive north to higher elevations when it gets too hot. But sometimes I'm at a place where I need to stay as the temps go up, and it's so nice to have it then! And once in a while, there will be two or three days of very high temps, then things get back to normal. Nice then, too.

    I loved your comment about the greyhound who put her food bowl in the center of her bed. They have their reasons - don't you wish we could know them, too? Such wonderful creatures. :)

    1. I always love watching the animals in my life - they have such a different perspective and its wonderful to enter their universe. My greyhound Jack was so "in the moment" and such a happy boy - it gave me perspective on those stressed out days!


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