A perfectly Northwest day – May 25th, Birch Bay SP, Washington

Camping in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) is so different than the Southwest where I was wintering.

A peaceful day of driving through grey drizzle, listening to the squeak of the windshield wipers, and watching the fog-enshrouded mountains roll by.  Arriving at my campsite at Birch Bay State Park, I see a pileated woodpecker gliding through the deep shade and big trees.  Big trees and little trailer!

0525152039a (480x640)

Later, I walk along the beach.  I see a couple of crows harassing a bald eagle sitting atop a tall tree.  I listen to the ‘skree’ of the seagulls as they float over the bay and then whirl back to the beach.  I watch Great Blue Herons stalking in the low tide, silhouetted by the setting sun.

0525152044 (640x480)

Trailer is still shiny enough to reflect the sunset!

0525152026a (640x480)

Simple pleasures!


  1. Love Birch Bay. Stay at the Thousand Trails Park there

    1. It's a pretty place - and convenient to the border!

  2. Have never been there (I don't go north of Olympia) but it looks great. I prefer Grayland Beach SP and will be going there late June. Beverly Beach SP in Oregon is my very favorite but it is all booked up.

  3. This looks so lovely and sounds so peaceful! Maybe next summer we can get up there and enjoy. So ready to get back on the road.

    Please say hello to any friends you may meet.

    1. Already have! (Although I can't remember their names now)


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