Melon Days in Green River, Utah

Green River, Utah; 16 Sept ‘17

108th Annual Melon Festival!

Green River is known for it’s melons – watermelons, cantelope and so many other varieties that I didn’t even recognize.  The Vetere family has been growing melons since Eisenhower was in office.
The melons I saw for sale were almost round and about the size of bowling balls - they had a very unusual dark, dark green rind.  I'm still contemplating getting one (they're really too big for just one person).

In addition to loads of free watermelon, there was a softball tournament, fair food and all sorts of vendors.  I rode my bike from the RV park where I’m spending the night so I didn't have to deal with parking - I don't think there was parking space in the entire town.

I don't know these people - but I like their T-shirts!

Tomorrow I head over to camp near Goblin State Park and hike the hoodoos in the park!!

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