Old town Santa Fe - Art galleries and artists en plein aire

21 Oct, 2017; Santa Fe, NM

Sunny, crisp fall day

Perfect day for brunch (huevos rancheros with blue-corn tortillas and beans), followed by a stroll thru an art gallery district.  Even though we spent over 2 hours there, we saw less than a quarter of the shops.  Some of the buildings (or parts of them) date back to the mid-1600's with the additions dating to the mid-1800's.

Today, there were artists doing en plein aire demonstrations - many of them had completed work in the gallleries for sale.  I love seeing the artist's process of working.  I did find myself checking out their en plein aire painting gear and feeling myself getting motivated to do some painting myself!

A special treat!

A parade of school bands!  From pretty good high-school and junior high bands to the elementary school band playing 'Mary had a little lamb' on plastic recorders, it was great fun.

One gallery with antique and modern Native American was particularly interesting.  Along with the competitively priced contemporary native art, they had an impressive collection of antique pottery, art, and clothing - all of which could have been museum pieces (great if you have a spare $35k - 150K!)

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