Casa Grande Museum and Heritage Center

20 Mar, 2018; Casa Grande, AZ

I like getting a sense of the geography and local history when I visit a place

Casa Grande has a very nice museum.  It is very well organized and highlights geography, native peoples, pioneer history as well as recent history.  Special exhibits highlight women's contributions, and a black schoolhouse that addresses segregation of the times.  

Museum entrance

Early natives had thousands of acres under cultivation, supported by hundreds of miles of canals, some 30' wide and over 6' deep.  They were a sophisticated culture and their communities supported tens of thousands of residents.

Pioneer history included many artifacts including lots of rusty stuff (I love rusty stuff).

Cotton gin

Old gas pump

Sign for something really important - beer!

Originally a Presbyterian Church, the Heritage Center hosts various events

Fortunately for the renovators, the church had a replacement supply of stained glass panels, so that this lovely window could be fully restored.  Also, when they pulled up the tile floors, they found beautiful hardwoods underneath!!

The light fixtures are not original - but fit in nicely.  

Constructed in 1927, from local stone, it was active as a church until 1970.  Renovation was completed in 1984.

Detail from the ceiling trim

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