Portland Thorns - Women's Soccer!

12 May, 2018; Portland, OR

Other teams have mascots . . . .

The professional men's soccer team in Portland, the Timbers, get, well, a log.  Nevertheless, professional soccer commands a near religious following in Portland.  

Saturday, I went to a Portland Thorns, the women's pro soccer team, game.

Of all the possible sections in this big stadium, we chose one of the two where members of the 'Timber's Army' (also, apparently, the 'Thorn's Army') choose to be.  What this meant was that for the entire (ENTIRE) game, everyone in those 2 sections was on their feet yelling, screaming, and singing.  Holding up flags, waving or holding up big scarves (think Dr Who), depending on the field position.

The whole experience was incredibly loud, tribal, and very fun!  One very noticeable thing for me was the age demographic.  Most of the time in the SW, I'm surrounded by retired, white-haired RV people.  In contrast, the stadium was filled with young people (hair-dyed, tatooed, skin pierced) and young families.  I found it invigorating and very colorful!

I didn't get a photo of the giant red plume of smoke that gets set off when the Thorns make a goal - silly me, I thought I'd get another chance.  Unfortunately, Orlando held the Thorns to 1 goal.

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