Willamette Falls - 2nd largest waterfall in North America by Volume

14 May, 2018; Willamette Falls, Oregon City, OR

Almoat hidden from view by all it's commercial uses . . . . 

An ancient fishing center and native village for probably a thousand years,  Willamette Falls began a transformation in the early 1800's as Lumber Mills, Woolen Mills, Paper Mills, Flour Mills, and eventually electrical generation plants reduced, then eliminated public access.  

The power of this waterfall in such an urban setting is hard to recognize.  I have stood at this spot during periods of extreme flooding and seen HOUSES floating over the falls.

Notice the big pile of log debris in the foreground

When the paper mill closed in 2011, plans started to emerge to return this magnificent waterfall to the community.  I'm looking forward to visiting in the future when the falls have been restored and the public has more access.


  1. Willamette Falls is about 15 minutes from where I live. I never get tired of seeing them

  2. Lived in Portland for 10 years and never knew about Willamette Falls. Thank you. Next time I go visit friends, I'll drag them down to see the falls. :-)


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