Pets and how the trailers get their names

'The Greyt Escape':  Greyhounds are 'Greyt' pets!

Little did I know how much adopting 2 retired racing greyhounds would change my life!  They didn't like staying in hotels and we quickly outgrew my little Westfalia Van. When I first saw the Escape trailer, I thought that might be the perfect solution to my desire to travel and camp with the hounds.  They could feel safe (just like a big dog crate) and I could still camp.  

Molly and Jack settled right in to camp living.  They learned to hike, loved the beach and stayed cool and happy inside the trailer when I went off on adventures without them.  A couple of x-pens set up around the door to the trailer gave them a mini-yard so they could lay in the shade if I was out around the campfire.

They camped with me for 8 years.  Saying Goodbye to the Hounds 

Molly and Jack in Kanab, UT at a greyhound gathering in 2006

'En Plein Aire' - An art term meaning painting outdoors. 

With the new trailer (2016), I'll be traveling even more and spending more of my life outdoors.  Hopefully, I will also be doing a lot more art - so the new name seems right on several levels.

Fay Wray camped with me for 3 winters and one entire year of full-timing.  She was a great little companion.

Are you taking breakfast orders?

OMG!!! So THAT"S what a deer looks like!

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  1. NICE little trailer, love IT !!! Is it an OLIVER ?


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