Less Art; More Travel

Well, I haven't even done a sketch for months, but I have taken the Escape out for several long weekends - the two prettiest trips being 4 days at Wallowa State Park (cool and rainy) - unfortunately I didn't take any pictures there.  But, the lake was gorgeous and there are a lot of hiking trails with waterfalls. 

Then, another 4 days up near Morton, Wa in the Tacoma Power Parks, Taidnapam Campground.  As you can see, the sites are nestled in among lodgepole pine with an understory of ferns.  Luckily, too cool for mosquitos.

I'll be planning more trips now that the warmer and hopefully dryer season approaches.  But, first I have to solve the latest trailer related issue - the trailer signal lights have become beyond unreliable.  The 'self-cleaning' 7-pin connector doesn't; I've tried electrical contact cleaner, fine grit sandpaper, di-electric grease, but all for naught - the signals may work when I hook up, but as I check them at stops - they don't work, or only the left one will work.  It's been very frustrating, not too mention unsafe.  So, now I'm looking to replace both ends of the plug (tug and tow side) - I vote for reliability!!

Hope to be doing more primitive camping this year - the A/C doesn't work anyway, so why pay for power.

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