Water, water, water everywhere!

It didn't merely rain - it poured, it deluged, I saw chipmunks and squirrels pairing up for the ark . . .

OK, so the rain had to start sometime - it is, afterall, the Pacific NW. But then the dog overturned her water bowl.  Barely did I have that cleaned up when I discovered a leak at the base of the toilet - intermittent clean (thankfully) water seeping out from somewhere.  Oh joy, another winter project.

Wet campsite

Molly is sad that it's pouring outside

The next day was glorious and the Harvest Festival in Sweet Home was really sweet!

 This historic covered bridge in Sweet Home, OR hosted the Harvest Fair - it was chock full of craft tables, baked goods, and community information tables.

I left the bridge entertained, informed, tummy full of homemade cookies, and with a few new clever homemade accessories for the trailer.
Covered Bridge in Sweet Home

 This strolling group of singers had a long list of songs that folks could request - Sweet 4-part harmony!!

 You've heard of 'Soap-on-a-Rope'?  This was 'Kids-on-Ropes' - climbing up probably 100 feet and rapelling down again.

I declined an offer to play on the ropes, primarily so that my hysterical screaming wouldn't disrupt the band playing across the field.

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