Hummingbirds - inside and out!

My backyard is full of territorial, macho little Annas hummingbirds

Apparently, the females have the common sense to go south for the winter.  The males hang out all winter and buzz around my head indignantly if I let the feeder freeze over (during our last cold snap, I was thawing it out twice a day!) or go empty.  I've really been enjoying their antics but have had a hard time getting any good pictures (it was too dang cold to sit out on the deck with a camera!)

He's just spent a lot of energy chasing off the competition - hey, buddy - there's enough for everyone!

It was so cold a couple of weeks ago that I even took pity on the other wildlife and put out suet and some squirrel food.  The jays and flickers found the food right away.  My back fence is like a little squirrel freeway.

The house is all decorated for the holidays

I really enjoy putting up the ornaments on the tree - some of them are over 35 years old (unfortunately, none of my childhood tree ornaments survived) and bring back such memories.

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  1. I've often wondered why hummingbirds, with their very high metabolism, waste so much energy fighting! It seems like it would be a much more energy efficient arrangement for them to share feeders. But it wouldn't be nearly so entertaining!

    Your hummingbird ornament is beautiful. :)


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