Miniature horses; half the size, twice the fun!

On my way home, I stopped to visit friends and meet their menagerie of animals.

2 horses, 3 goats, 3 dogs, and I'm not sure how many cats (4?).  One of the goats, a lady of a certain age, has survived TWO bear attacks!

Lexi - the super goat!

Ajax - not sure he wants to go to work

Ajax and Jen - driving with the hyper-bike!

Barb and Misha


  1. That is one fortunately goat! The miniature horse is such a beautiful little creature!

    I like your friend's menagerie!

    1. They're all rescues - Ajax is deaf - so the hyper-bike is perfect because the driver is close enough to constantly touch his butt and reassure him.

  2. My mistake, thought you referred to the Escapee RV Club. I would love to have the 19' Escape trailer but my pockets aren't deep enough.
    The desert wasn't blooming much even while I was there. Probably should have gone in April. Maybe next year.

    1. Yah - I like the 19 - but it would mean a new tow vehicle too, so probably not going to happen.
      Maybe I'll see you in Arizona next spring - I'm hoping to stay longer next year!


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