Solar Power - Beta Test

Too bad the site was so shady

The first real test of my new solar panel setup was a partial success - I was able to get an almost full charge every day with the limited sunlight available through all the trees.  However, I did have to be pretty judicious in my use of power to keep the balance between charging and usage.  It was pretty annoying having to chase the little bits of sunshine around all day and I rarely had a spot that didn't cast some shade on the panel, but overall I was pleased with the panel.  The controller doesn't give a lot of info - just lights to indicate whether the panel is providing power, whether the battery is accepting charge and it should show when the battery is full (but, I never got to that point). 

Next steps for the Solar Setup

I've been hard wiring all the connections - so my next step is to find some weather-proof quick connects so the system is easy to set up and dismantle.  Also, I want to find a waterproof box in which to mount the controller.
A brief moment of pure sunshine - lasted about 20 minutes.

The bare minimum!  Soon, the charge controller and wiring will be ensconsed in a more sophisticated setup.

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