Why I oughta . . . . . !

Despite their incredible cuteness, Chipmunks are rascally little rodents!

Hey! Take the dog for a walk so I can get some more of your food!

My campsite at Blue Bay was in the middle of a chipmunk village and they treated the arrival of my trailer like I used to greet the summer ice cream truck!  I thought they were quite cute until I came back from walking the dog and found 2 chipmunks had managed to get into the camper through the screen door.  After chasing them out, I spent the rest of the trip recovering from the damage! 

I'm told that cultivating an attitude of gratitude increases personal happiness, so in that spirit . . .

  • I'm grateful that the interlopers chewed holes in a peach and a tomato, not my toothpaste.
  • I'm grateful that they only chewed holes in the bag of dog kibble and not my upholstery.
  • I'm grateful that they pooped but didn't pee on my upholstery (much easier to clean up).
  • I'm grateful that the cupboards were closed so that the kibble they swiped was stored in my shoes and bed - easily shaken out.

The cute factor continued to work in their favor though . .

One morning, I found a couple chipmunks at the bottom of the dumpster when I went to dump some trash.  Clearly, they had jumped in but couldn't make it back out.  Did I leave them there?  Of course not!  I found a branch and angled it into the dumpster so that they could climb out.  Took them awhile but they caught on and raced out.

Throughout the entire week, Molly (my 'scared of her own shadow' greyhound) studiously ignored the chipmunks - a lot of help she was.  Maybe traveling with my cats won't be such a bad idea.  I don't think the 'munks would have dared break into the trailer with my two little feline hunters in residence.

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