Drowning in Green Beans!

Anyone know how to make green beans taste like pizza?

Apparently compensating for the late start to summer, my garden has decided to produce gargantuan amounts of produce right now.  For the last couple of weeks, I've been pulling massive amounts of green beans and tomatoes out of my miniscule little garden spot.  The tomatoes have outstripped the ability of my 3 basil plants to keep up (basil, tomato, feta salad . . .  yummm!). 

I've made all my green bean recipes several times over and still have too many beans to deal with - and forget sharing with the neighbors - we're all trying to give away the same stuff.  I have been accepting giant cucumbers (not bad if you seed them and slice them thinly - into the basil/tomato salads!) and canoe-sized zuchinni (shredded zuchinni in casseroles, frittatas, zuchinni bread and the ever popular stuffed zuchinni boats).  I may have to resort to pickling the beans - I was hoping I was done with the pickling after putting up 22 quarts of dill pickles!

All in all, this horticultural exhuberance has been benefitting my diet - almost 20 pounds now.  Which should help postpone the inevitable second knee replacement surgery (left knee next) that I know is waiting down the road a ways - hopefully, well down the road if I can continue to shed the pounds and build up stabilizing muscle around the knee with more bicycling.

Now, if only I could find a green bean pizza recipe somewhere . . .

About this much every other day!!!  The beans are actually green and the dark tomato is a 'Black Crimm' - extremely yummy!

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